Different may not be better

I’ve been actively writing since elementary school and telling stories long before that. I engage in many forms of storytelling using many different mediums. I’ve written lots of short stories, some published, some not. I study social sciences, humanities, critical reading and writing, and literature – by all means I should know how to create and weave a sound story. Continue reading


Believability and Consistency

One of the most basic things you’ll learn in philosophy/logic will be something called conditionals. There are three different kinds of conditionals but for the sake of this post I will only address one: the strict conditional.

A strict conditional means it must be true in every possible world, it necessarily must be, or is always the case. Continue reading

Planning your story

A major reason for writer’s block is: not knowing how to move your story forward. Careful planning can help get rid of this entirely.

Consider an architect; they start off with the end image of a building in mind. Then they make plans, measuring out the area, and the height of the building, all the while considering what the building will be used for. Is it a house? A hospital? A skyscraper in New York City? The architect decides what building materials are to be used, balancing cost and effectiveness, before finally starting to actually build their vision.

You are the architect of your story. Continue reading